On Saturday 25th August, I was a guest on the Saturday Sunshine Show on radio Winchcombe 107.1FM. I had been a guest on the station before and it was lovely to be asked back again. However, this time as well as speaking about the Vanilla Pod Bakery, I was also asked to speak about me having. M.E although I have briefly spoken about this on past while raising money for an M.E charity (action for M.E or AYME) I have never before spoke about it to such a wide audience. At first I was quiet apprehensive and nervous was telling people, but then if people don't know about the illness how are we going to raise awareness of it. If people see me on a day to day basis that would not realise there was anything wrong with me. I have had my illness now for 13 years and I am now at a level where I can manage it providing I have a daily nap. This can be a pain but I am so used to it now I don't know any difference. It's bit like plugging in your phone to charge. Having M.E does not stop me song anything, it just makes it a bit more of a challenge. If you have M.E and run a business, please feel free to contact me, I would be delighted to talk.

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