What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is quite simply amazing! 

It is the perfect tool for designers, dreamers and basically anyone who ever wanted to plan anything. 

In simple terms it is a mood board for on the go. 

Since encountering Pinterest last year we have set up our own Vanilla Pod Bakery page and even downloaded the app on to our bakery iPhone! We have boards set up for our Vanilla Pod cakes, as well as idea boards for weddings, parties and even Christmas.

It is so easy to use, all you need to do is set up an account and your ready to go. We have downloaded the "Pin It" button to our browser, so when we see an image we like we simply click on the button and "Pin" the image to one of our boards.

We definitely think it is a fabulous website to use and is especially handy if your a bride-to-be. We use Pinterest with our couples to build a virtual image of their individual wedding, so we can understand what they want their special day to look and feel like. It allows all parties involved to be inspired by a whole host of ideas from around the world. As a cake designer, it then is fantastic to take colours, patterns and other various elements to design a cake that is completely unique to the couple.

We are finding more and more of our brides and grooms-to-be are bringing tablets/ipads with them when they come for their tasting consultations and a lot have already embraced Pinterest.

I whole heartily recommend Pinterest as a wedding and party planning tool. Please fill free to follow us and/or re pin any of our images. If your not on the site already, why not sign up - we guarantee you will be hooked!

Visit our Pinterest page today!

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