15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge

15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge - Day 1


The Challenge
So I have decided to go ahead and take up a challenge, a 15 day challenge of firing up this blog! 

As you can see this blog has been running for over five years but let's say is a little bit hit and miss (my last blog post was back in November 2014). 

While cake decorating I often listen to podcasts and one my favourites is Natalie Sisson's, she is fantastic entrepreneur and run's the brilliant Suitcase Entrepreneur. I strongly recommend a visit to the website if your thinking of setting up on your own or already run your own business. 

Anyway, today as I was listening she was talking about the 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge. The podcast really struck a cord with me and I thought why not challenge myself. I do love a challenge, part of the reason why I love cake decorating.

Here goes!
So here we are, day one of the challenge.   I would love for you to follow my journey and hopefully I will continue to blog regularly after the challenge has past. But please let me know your views, what you think of my content and what you want to read about. 

Pia x

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