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Wingfield Digby London


Today we get to know Alice Sevier, owner of the fantastic Wingfield Digby London, an English brand that specialises in crafting luxury gifts and accessories that are inspired by nature,

Describe your business in five words? 
Luxury gifts for country lovers

When and why did you start your business?
I started the business in 2010 because of the love of feathers. Growing up in the countryside, I ate a lot of pheasant and would see beautiful feathers being thrown away.  I wanted to use the feathers and turn them into luxury products that would last forever.

What do you love most about the work you do?
Showcasing the natural beauty of feathers, the colours and the iridescence. I love the response people have when they first see our feather products.

How can your service/product complement a couple's special day?
The feather photo frames look stunning with the cocktail list in at the bar and on the tables with the wedding dinner menu in.  The white goose feathers fit particularly well to the bridal theme and the neutral hones of the duck add a touch of chic.  The feather frames and place-mats make fantastic wedding gifts too.  They all come exquisitely presented in black and cream boxes making them ideal for special occasions.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Anywhere by the sea, I never get bored of the twinkling colours of the water and hearing the waves.

Besides weddings, what else do you love?
Holidays! We try to have a honeymoon every year.

Do you have any funny wedding stories or moments to tell?
My wedding had a feather theme throughout and part of my dress was made from white feathers around the waist and neck. On the dance floor I was stroking my feathered belly and one of the guest thought I was telling them I was already expecting!  (I assume it was the way I was stroking my belly rather than the over-indulgence of the champagne and wedding cake making me bulge!)

How can brides and grooms find you?
We are on several wedding gift lists; Wedding Present Direct, Simply Wedding Gifts and The Wedding Shop. The range are also available online at

And finally, what is your ‘one’ top tip you can give to a bride and groom?
Continue to invest in your relationship after your married, go on dates, spoil each other and importantly eat dinner at the table not in front of the TV so you can talk properly and laugh together daily.

Nice to meet you, Alice.

Best wishes,

Pia x

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