Birthday cake

Beautiful Buttercream and Sugar Rose Cake


It was such a joy to create this indulgent cake. It was actually made as a birthday cake for a wonderful client at the beginning of May but I think it would look wonderful as a wedding cake too. Can you imagine a tiered version of this, stunning.

The  inside of cake showcased four layers of delicious raspberry coloured and flavour sponge in various shades, it was then sandwiched with pale green mint flavoured buttercream. I don't have a snap of the inside but you can imagine the surprise of the guests when you cut into it and saw the wonderful pop of colour. 

The outside was decorated with a beautiful pale blush pink buttercream and then adorned with 10 leaves of edible gold leaf. Really making it a special. 

This gorgeous cake was finished with a very pretty handmade sugarpaste rose, handmade sugarpaste leaves and handmade sugarpaste raspberries.  The whole cake took around 7 hours to create but I was delighted with the finished feminine look and most importantly the client was thrilled. 

What do you think of the cake?  I would love to read your comments in the box below.

Best wishes,

Pia x 

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