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8 Years Of The Vanilla Pod Bakery


Wow I have just realised it was 8 years ago that I won the University of Gloucestershire's BUG awards and started on the crazy but fantastic road of self employment. (Gosh time moves fast!)

(Here I am looking a little younger!) 

Launching the Vanilla Pod Bakery has been one of my proudest achievements to date. It has given me so much joy and happiness. 

Yes, granted, there have been some very tough years and thoughout my business journey I have also had the very real struggle of having a chronic health issue (ME) but I wouldn't have changed anything for the world. 

I absolutely love running the Vanilla Pod Bakery but I know down the road in a couple of years or so my
future is going to take on a very different path. (I have the strongest desire to move abroad). In fact that future has already stated. In October 2015 I launched a consultancy business, Make Money With Cakes, created in order to help inspire, teach and advise other bakery/food business to achieve success within their businesses. As it can be done.

Back to Vanilla Pod I have been extremely honoured to create yummy cakes for so many wonderful folks celebrating their special occasions all over the UK. As well as all the lovely customers I had during our five years attending farmers markets and food festivals.  Plus I have to mention the meeting by Royal Appointment at Buckingham Palace and giving a box of my cakes to HRH The Duke of York.

I have such wonderful memories and I'm looking forward to creating many more tasty cakes for couples marrying in this wonderful area over the next couple of years. Things are going to change but I want the legacy of the Vanilla Pod Bakery to live on and continue creating wonderful for cakes but in new hands (let me know if you are interested in exploring this opportunity further). 

So to all my friends, family, people I have met along the way and my fantastic, fantastic customers thank you SO much for your support and your continued support 😊. Here is to the future! 

Pia x x

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