Farmers Markets and Lots of Cakes


Yesterday we were selling our yummy cakes at our first ever Stroud Farmers Market of the year, what a lovely market. It was very busy for a cold January morning there were lots and lots of delicious types of food on offer. To help keep warm I was munching on a fab five spice pork curry from Niang's Thai Snacks and samples of our very own Vanilla Pod Bakery chocolate brownies!

I am really enjoying the farmers markets at the moment (even though its bitterly cold!) as it is a chance for us to experienment with different recipes. We had lots of cakes on offer including our yummy cupcakes as well as sticky ginger and orange slices, wedges of classic victoria sandwich and our very chocolatey brownies which had sold out by 12pm! And my favourite,  toffee apple crumble slices - ummm I am salivating just thinking about them now, delish.

We are constantly looking through recipe books and are always open to new ideas, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you want a particular type of cake or bakery treat to be baked by us.

We will now be at a farmers market every Friday (Cheltenham on the 2nd and last Friday of the month and Gloucester on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month) and will be a Stroud market once a month on a Saturday. Check facebook or our website for more details.

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