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Bottlegreen Drinks #MadeInTheCotswolds


I was recently asked to become a Brand Ambassador for Bottlegreen Drinks and on Tuesday I was invited for a tour and sample session at their Cotswold based factory.  
Bottlegreen Logo
Along with myself there were three other Brand Ambassador's (Millie & Meg and The Cutlery Commission). When we first arrived we were treated to an afternoon of cocktail and mocktail making using Bottlegreen products. First creating a savoury based cocktail and then competing to create the best sweet based mocktail.  Needless to say my competitive side took over! 


A meeting room full of fresh fruit, Bottlegreen cordials and gin - the best kind of meeting room!

I love a challenge and really enjoyed making the cocktails, it made me realise I have never invented a drinks recipe before! I create cake recipes all the time but this was a little out of my comfort zone.  However,  I am excited to say I came away with second prize and a beautiful Bottlegreen vase (made from old Bottlegreen bottles).

Second Prize! Evening Summer Mocktail 
FYI my cocktail ingredients 
Summer Evening:
Bottlegreen Raspberry & Grapefruit Cordial, ice, cucumber, pepper, cloves, fresh raspberries, fresh grapefruit juice, squeeze of lime and lemon. 

Pond Water:
Bottlegreen Apple & Plum Cordial, fresh ginger, pepper, carbonated water,  dill, lime, saline/salt water,  ice.

Quantity wise for both drinks, just throw everything in until it tastes nice!

Sneaky peak of the factory:

Tiny cordial bottles being produced inside the bottling and filling plant. 

At the end of the tour we went back to the best meeting room ever and got to sample a brand new flavour hot of the production line,  it was so delicious,  but as it hasn't even hit the shelves yet so that is all I can say about that one for now! 

Amazing Goodie Bag
It was a fantastic day and we each left with an awesome bag of tasty Bottlegreen drinks, I will  have to do a blog post on sampling them! 

Thank you very much Bottlegreen and Silverball PR.


Myself and Katie from The Cutlery Commission in our fetching hair nets touring the factory

Best wishes,

Pia x

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