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Today we are catching up with Cat Goulbourne who works at the brilliant Hen Heaven.  Hen Heaven is a great one stop resource and planning website for anyone wanting to organise a fun filled hen party. 

Describe the business in five words? 
Fun, friendly, professional, helpful, and reliable

When and why was the business started? 
The business was started by Rob Hill (aka ‘the party king’) in 2002 as a stress free, budget friendly and more convenient way for women to plan hen parties. The company now employs over 70 staff and has won numerous awards since then, including two Virgin Fast Track Awards.

What do you love most about the work you do? 
I love that I get to try out a lot of the activities that we offer on our website. It’s always good fun and because I write most of what appears on the website, it helps me explain to our customers just what the activity is like, and where it takes place. It’s also lovely when we receive feedback from our hens via our Trust Pilot page or Facebook telling us what a fantastic time they had, and how it’s really added to their whole wedding experience.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 
I don’t think I’d live there forever but for a year or more I’d love to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. The idea of relaxed island living really appeals to the city stressed cosmopolitan in me. Also, the idea of having a perma tan doesn’t sound too bad either!

Besides hen dos and weddings, what else do you love? 
Running: I find the activity and experience of running therapeutic and liberating. Especially if you’re running along the seafront when the weather is sunny and the view is refreshing!

Do you have any funny hen party stories to tell? 
Of course but many of that shouldn’t really be shared publically! One of the funniest ones I’ve heard is the one about the groom who pulled a prank on his bride by switching her hen night outfit to that of a giraffe onesie (without her knowing!) So by the time she got to Marbella and was getting ready to go out, she had to wear the giraffe costume. At first she was livid, but she wore it anyway and as it turned out she got loads of free drinks for her hen group – all because everybody found her story really funny!

How can brides and grooms find you? 
By visiting

And finally, what is your ‘one’ top tip you can give to a bride and groom? 
I know they aren’t that common and most people don’t opt for them but I would say don’t go for a joint hen & stag do. In my experience (and in most cases) they are never a good idea and tend to cause frustration and unnecessary aggravation. Have separate parties with your own friends in separate places.

It was great to meet you, Cat.

Best wishes,

Pia x

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