Great British Bake Off Play Along Challenge

Week 2 - #VanillaPod #GreatBritishBakeOff Challenge


Biscuits! I love biscuits and I can safely say I think I like them even more than cakes to eat! (A shock I know!). But baking them, well I haven't had much practice and I am looking forward to it already. 

So this week they started with savoury biscuits and Norman's were super, he is still my current favourite, he seems such a lovely man #TeamNorman.   Then the bakers moved onto florentines. I have never made these, always wanted to try but thought they looked a bit too fiddly! And of course, Mary chose them for exactly that reason! Must say a big well done to Richard for his. 

The show stopper this week was amazing, a 3D biscuit scene! All their ideas were fabulous, particularly Luis's George and Dragon scene and Richard's Secret Peanut Island scene, well very deserved star baker there.

So now it is my turn!

This weeks bakes to create:

36x identical savoury biscuits 
These were a joy to make, and tastes yummy too. It was lovely to bake a savoury snack. I used a Nigella Lawerson recipe and make about 70 little Garlic, Lime & Cumin Savoury Biscuits - and ate about 20 of them with a salsa dip! Crisp and light, I would certainly make these again. 

18x Florentines
I made these little treats last Friday in perpetration for my friends visiting. I have never eaten a florentine as to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of chopped nuts! But I was pleasantly surprised! They were yummy. Though I made a few mistakes, I was terrified to burning them sntheso they were slightly undercooked (still tasted nice though) and I put a bit to much chocolate on as they started to seep through - I know for next time. 

A scene made out of biscuits
Again time ran away with me but I am determined to create a scene out of biscuits so watch this 

Update: 27th August - I still haven't found the time to create this but I will! 

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