15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge

15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge - Day 15 - Completed!


Woohoo, it is Friday and I have finally made it to day 15 of the blog challenge. It has taken me *cough* slightly longer than anticipated, ok, so it has taken me 3 months longer than anticipated!  But I have made it!

I have now got into the habit of writing blogs and you know what I really like it. It has been really nice to write about recipes I love, share wedding cakes I have made and detail a bit of how I am growing the business and what my life is like at the Vanilla Pod Bakery.

Though there is still one thing that is a little bit stressful, and this is the fact that is takes me hours (and I mean hours!) to write and edit most of the blog posts! I will write one, then I leave it, then come back to it and edit it, then I leave it, then add photos, re size photos, then edit it once more and then post it. Please let me know if there is a quicker way or if it is just like everything else and takes practice, practice, practice!

But I am determined to keep up the blog writing and bring you news of all the things I love about weddings, cakes, business, food as well as the occasional travel story - of which I am planning to do more of!  And I hope you enjoy reading about it all!

Until the next blog post my friends!

Best wishes,

Pia x

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